Friday, 3 April 2009

Rockhopper Is Coming

Rockhopper will be ariving on the 24th! Cool right? Did you check out the newspaper? It looks like its been edited on Paint!

It looks weird... LOL..

Sorry i havn't been posting.. Its just that ive been so busy with my site that i havn't had time to post.

Dose anyone know how to take a clearer picture of Cp? Please tell me how.


Wednesday, 1 April 2009


This is my new forum if you would like to give me a hand because i dont really understand phpbb software CLICK HERE (NOT FINISHED YET)


More About Member Badges

Hi Guys,

I found this on the Club Penguin blog posted by Billy bob Check It Out!


Hello Penguins!

Last week we made some changes to the Member Badges on your player cards and we wanted to answer some of the questions you've been asking. A lot of you are wondering how you get from one level to the next level.

Each badge reflects the amount of time you've signed up for as a member. Each "month" equals 30 days of membership.

There are five different badges in total:

0 - 6 months
7 - 12 months
13 - 18 months
19 - 24 months
25+ months

Let us know what you think of the badges!

April Fools Party!

Ooppss! I deleted all my pics! OhWell

Ok so you can enter the members room. First you have to go to the Box Shop and buy the Portal Box. Then place it somwhere in your igloo. Then ANYONE can go in! Its not just for members! But only members can buy it :

Free Item: Propeler Cap.
Extra Info: Old.


Have you seen my site?

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Authors Listen

Rdonaldson & Jxgirlx4x check the edit post list and click The Authors only Draft

New Author

And again we welcome a new author Jgirlx4x And she will bw able to post aswell as Rdonaldson70
And well done on that first post!!!


New Author!

Hi im Jgirlx4x. I have a site also so i know how to post cheats and stuff.

Are you exited for the April Fools Day? Well I sure am! I ahave never been to one! I will try my best to post cheats in this site.

See Ya On My Next Post!


Monday, 30 March 2009

Club Penguin Have updated on the april fools party and the new penguin style will be out fri

This is what billybob said

"Hello Penguins!

It's April Fool's Day on Wednesday, and you know what that means... Anything is possible while we celebrate silliness during this wacky party in Club Penguin! We hope to see you being silly and waddling around with your friends in search of special boxes! There are a lot of surprises for everyone, and some special things for members - we can't wait to hear what you think.

In Other News: There's a new Penguin Style catalog out this Friday, so start saving your coins to get this season's designs! If you like gardening gear, you might want to check it out

Hey Rdonaldson70 i followed those tips and they were great. Theres my penguin
Tell me what you think

Book Codes

I Promised i would get you those codes and i am they are:-
The Inventor's apprentice
1. Q. What word is on page 5, 5 words from the left on line 10?
A. Good
Secret Agent Handbook
1. Q. What word is on page 5, 4 words from the left on line 18?
A. Decides

2. Q. What word is on page 5, 6 words from the left on line 9?
A. Give

3. Q. What word is on page 5, 4 words from the left on line 2?
A. Matter

4. Q. What word is on page 5, 3 words from the left on line 5?
A. Fashions

Every word and question will unlock the Blue Book [but not if you allready have it] & either 1500 coins or 2000 coins.

Please comment

How To Draw A Penguin (Club Penguin Style)

Okay, so, after trying several different ways, here is the way I find the easiest and best way to draw a penguin:

1. draw an egg-shape

2. now, draw two triangles coming out where the flippers will come out.

3. Draw two flat-looking circles at the bottom of the egg.

4. Now, draw two circles the way you would for a Venn-Diagram.

5. Draw a beak (take your time!)

6. Draw to circles for the eyeballs.

7. Flatten-out the bottom of the body (optional)

8. Erase any lines you don't want.

9. Give it some color and any other details you want!
I hope this post helps!

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Hey guys,
Hey guys Skyxxx7 here i no some of the new tresure book codes when i get home from school ill post them (if rdonaldson70 doesnt)